Food Technology

About the Department

  • The Department of Food Technology is established in the year 2019, offering a 4 Year B.Tech degree in Food Technology with an annual intake of 60 students. The importance of Food Technology lies in the fact that it has the capability to provide food to our population through scientific conservations, eliminating available losses and making available more balanced and nutritious food. The Department aims to stimulate the students to develop their skills and knowledge on selection, preservation, processing, packaging, distribution, and use of safe food. The Curriculum for the course has been designed to project proficiency by applying scientific disciplines including chemistry, engineering, microbiology, and nutrition to improve the safety, nutrition, and wholesomeness of food.
  • B.Tech.(Food Technology) programme with a Choice based credit system provides institution, the ambience which is best suited for active learning with industry training, online courses, open electives and facility to go abroad for internships, etc. The state of the art labs provide the ample opportunity to innovate and research.
  • A team of dedicated well qualified and experienced faculty members teach, guide and motivate the students to excel and come out with flying colors. Students graduating after completion of this programme have opportunities in industries, multinational companies, hospitality outlets and also they can turn out to be entrepreneurs. They also have the privilege to go abroad for higher studies, management and research areas. Of course Mahendra Engineering College is definitely the proposed destination for aspiring engineers.

Programmes offered

  • Under Graduate: B.Tech. Food Technology
  • Intake: 60

Vision & Mission


  • The Department endeavours to develop globally competent Food Technologists/ Engineers capable of fulfilling the rapidly growing demands of food processing sector.


  • To Develop vibrant, competent and ethical Food Technologists/ Engineers who can promote technical advancements in the field of Food Technology
  • To produce graduates who can develop sustainable Food technologies for value addition and prevention of post-harvest losses
  • To develop and extend technologies for nutritional safety and security


Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

The graduates of Aeronautical Engineering will be able to

    • PEO1: To integrate engineering and basic sciences to develop skills in engineering analysis and design and development of food processing and preservation systems for value addition in foods, agricultural resource utilization and environmental conservation.
    • PEO2: To enable Graduates to go for start-up and grow their own new firms. They will become recognized experts working in government institutions, consulting firms and International organizations around the country and the world addressing challenging issues.
    • PEO3: To prepare graduates who would pursue and succeed in advanced studies in disciplines such as Food Engineering and science, Food Technology, Food Packaging, Food Quality and Management etc.
    • PEO4: To Equip graduates who would take up competent leadership roles, display professionalism and Industrious activity in their profession.

Programme Specific Outcomes (PSOs)

The students will demonstrate the abilities

  • PSO-1: To apply the basic knowledge of process engineering and technology in food formulation and new food products for developing commercial products
  • PSO-2: To Develop techniques and tools for new food products/process at laboratory level and mass production.
  • PSO-3: To implement food safety practices, quality control measures, quality assurance procedures and statutory and legal requirements in food processing industry.

Advisory Committee

Department Program Advisory Committee (DPAC)

S.No Member Designation

Dr.G.Nandhini Devi

Associate Professor, Centre for Food Technology



Associate Professor,KARE



Senior consultant, Agro Trade Link



NPDM, Big Basket


Senior Executive, Modern Food Enterprise pvt, Ltd



Professor & Head, Department of Aerospace Engg



ASP, Department of EEE



ASP, Department of Agricultural Engineering

Board of Studies

Members of the Board of Studies

S.No Name of the Member Address BoS Designation
1. Dr. D.Prabhakaran
Department of Chemical Engineering
Coimbatore Institute of Technology (CIT)
Civil Aerodrome Post, Coimbatore -641014
University Nominee
2 Dr.V.Dhineshkumar
Associate Professor
Department of Food Technology
Mahendra Engineering College (Autonomous)
Mallasamudram, Namakkal-637503.
BoS Chairman
3 Dr.S.Shahir
Associate Professor
Kalasalingam School of Agriculture and Horticulture,
Kalasalingam Academy of Research and Education,
Krishnan kovil, Virudhunagar District.
Academic Expert
4 Dr.Jusci Kumar
Industry Technology Specialist
Novazymes south Asia Pvt Ltd
Industry Expert
5 Mr.K.Karthikeyan
New Product Development Manager
Supermarket Grocery supplies private Limited (Big Basket) ,
Fairyway business park,
8th floor, EGL, challaghatta,Domlur,
Industry Expert
6 Mr.S.Anandaraman
Senior Executive Production
Modern Food Enterprises Pvt Ltd
30, second stage, Industrial suburb,
Yeshwanthpur, Bangalore-560022
Industry Expert
7 Dr.V.Muthuvinayagam
Department of Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering
Mahendra Engineering College (Autonomous)
Mallasamudram, Namakkal-637503.
Academic Expert (Allied Department)
8 Dr.K.R.Kalpana
Associate Professor and Head
Department of Agriculture Engineering
Mahendra Engineering College (Autonomous)
Mallasamudram, Namakkal-637503.
Academic Expert (Allied Department)
9 Dr.N.Vinothkumar
Associate Professor
Department of Chemical Engineering,
Mahendra Engineering College (Autonomous)
Mallasamudram, Namakkal-637503.
Academic Expert (Allied Department)


Food Technology Laboratory

   The Department has well-built infrastructure facilities with all necessary lab equipments. The Department laboratory is have very good infrastructure to cater to the requirements of students. The various laboratories such as Food Biochemistry, Food Microbiology, Fruit and Vegetable Processing, Dairy Technology, Food Process Engineering, Baking and Confectionary, Food Analysis and Food Packaging Technology Laboratory.

Food Biochemistry Laboratory
S.No. Name of the Equipment’s
1 UV-Visible Spectrophotometer
2 Colorimeter
3 pH meter
4 Incubator
5 Hot Air Oven
6 Hot Water Bath
7 Refrigerator
8 Flame Photometer
9 Soxhlet Extractor Apparatus
Food Microbiology Laboratory
S.No. Name of the Equipment’s
1 Auto clave
2 Laminar air flow chamber
3 Microscope
4 Hot Air Oven
5 Hand refractometer
6 Dessicator
7 Water Bath
8 UV- Spectrophotometer
9 Refrigerator
10 pH meter
11 Analytical balance
12 Colony Counter
Food Analysis Laboratory
S.No. Name of the Laboratory
1 Soxhelet Extractor apparatus
2 UV Spectrophotometer
3 Hot Air Oven
4 Hand refractometer
5 Dessicator
6 Water Bath
7 Refrigerator
8 pH meter
9 Analytical balance
10 Milk Analyzer
11 Viscometer
12 Pycnometer
Post Harvest Technology Laboratory
S.No. Name of the Laboratory
1 Angle of repose apparatus- Round Type
2 Angle of repose apparatus- L Type
3 Bucket Elevator
4 Screw Conveyor
5 Hot Air Oven
6 Grain Moisture Meter
7 Groundnut Decorticator
8 Microwave Oven
9 Fluidized Bed Dryer
10 Tray Dryer
11 Soxhelet Apparatus
12 Extruder
Food Process Engineering Laboratory
S.No. Name of the Laboratory
1 Sieve shaker
2 Mini oil Expeller
4 Fluidized Bed Dryer
5 Hammer Mill
6 Ball Mill
7 Burr Mill
8 Pulveriser
10 Microwave Oven
11 Viscometer
12 Hot Air Oven
13 Tray Dryer
Baking and Confectionary Technology Laboratory
S.No. Name of the Laboratory
1 Deck Oven
2 Dough Mixer
3 Cake and Candy moulds
4 Analytical balance
5 Egg Beater
6 Refrigerator
7 Microwave Oven
8 Viscometer
9 Dough Fermentation Proofing Cabinet
10 Electrical whisk and Hand blender
Dairy Technology Laboratory
S.No. Name of the Laboratory
1 Milk Analyzer
2 Gerber Centrifuge
3 Lactometer
4 Thermometer
5 Analytical balance
6 Water Bath
7 Viscometer
8 Paneer Press
9 Butyrometer
10 pH meter
11 Cream Separator
12 Butter Churner
Fruits and Vegetable processing Technology Laboratory
S.No. Name of the Laboratory
1 Mixer
2 pH meter
3 Hand Refractometer
4 Jelly cups/moulds
5 Thermometer
6 Analytical balance
7 Strainer
8 Viscometer
9 Vegetable Chopper
10 Tray Dryer
11 Juice Extractor
Food Packaging Technology Laboratory
S.No. Name of the Laboratory
1 Puncture Resistant Tester
2 Tear Resistant Tester
3 Bursting strength Tester
3 Tray Sealing Machine
4 Drop Tester
5 Crown Cap Sealer
6 Vacuum Packaging Machine
7 Plastic Film Thickness Tester
8 Hand Operated Sealing Machine

Faculty & Staff

Sl. No Name of the faculty Designation Qualification
1 Dr. V. DhineshKumar Associate Professor &
Head of the Department
Ph.D (Food Technology)
2 Mr. M. Brighton Jabez Assistant Professor M.Tech (Food Technology)
3 Ms. M. Udhayaganga Assistant Professor M.Tech (Food Technology)
4 Mrs.M. Pradheeba Assistant Professor M.Tech (Food Process Engineering)
5 Ms. S.Vishnu Priya Assistant Professor M.Tech (Food Technology)
6 Mrs.S.Rachel Assistant Professor M.Tech (Bio Technology)
7 Ms. M. Yaamini Assistant Professor M.Tech (Bio Technology)
8 Ms.Atchaya P T Assistant Professor M.Tech (Food Process Engineering)
9 Mr. Prakash S P Assistant Professor M.Tech (Food Technology)
10 Mr.K.Vijay Assistant Professor M.Tech (Food Technology)

Supporting staff
S.No Name of the Supporting staff Designation Educational Qualification
1 Ms.T.Abirami Lab Technician M.Sc (BioTechnology)



Short-Term Courses


Events organized by the Department

S.No Date Type of Event Title Guest speaker
1 1.02.2023 IIC -Webinar Entrepreneurship in Bakery and Confectionery Products Dr.Jusci Kumar, Ph.D
Industry Technology specialist
Food and Beverage
Novozymes South Asia Pvt Ltd
2 17.2.22 IIC activity Start up : A generation of nutraceutical and phytopharmaceutical entrepreneurs Mr.G.Natarajan
Managing Director
Truzt Organic and Natural Products
3 24.05.22 IIC activity (webinar) Start up: India Empowerment Mr.K.MANIKANDAN
Ivory gull candy company
Salem 2
4 06.06.22 webinar Sustainable climate change and conservation, where do we go from here Dr.Jigna Desai
Principal Research and Head
CEPT Research Development and Foundation
5 16.10.22 Institutions for Innovation Council Activity Food Safety And Regulations Mr. Prince Benedict
Senior Manager
Compass Group India Support services
6 1.11.22 Webinar Entrepreneurship Opportunities in Food Processing Sector Mr.K.Manikandan
Ivory gull candy company
Salem 2                             
7 26.11.22 Institutions for Innovation Council Activity “Startup: Indian Food Processing Industry and Opportunities Dr.V. Arun Prasath
Assistant Professor
Department of Food Processing Engineering
National Institute of Technology




Department of Food Technology

Mahendra Engineering College (Autonomous),

Salem- Thiruchengode Highway, Mahendhirapuri,



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