Best Practices

Best Practices

Innovations by the Faculty in Teaching and Learning

The objectives of the best practices for the faculty empowerment are to


  • Develop boundary-crossing skills, such as inter-disciplinary thinking, synthesizing knowledge of different disciplines and to cope with complexity
  • Ensure the knowledge sharing among the faculty members of various disciplines
  • Make them understand the unknown from known concepts
  • Foster in-depth learning of the concepts and understanding of varied topics
  • Promote and enhance the inter-disciplinary learning by the faculty members as well as the students through inter-department lectures
  • Identify the problems of the society and provide solutions through real-time projects by involving the students

In order to fulfill the above objectives, the following Inter-disciplinary activities are in practice.

  • TASKS – Teachers Acclaimed Seminar for Knowledge Sharing
    Seminar for teachers by the teachers – A forum for knowledge sharing among the faculty members of various departments on inter-disciplinary areas.
  • FDLP – Faculty Deeper Learning Programme
    A platform for deeper learning of subject concepts through faculty with high expertise for the benefit of interested faculty members in the specialized areas.
  • InDeL- Inter Department Lecture series
    Lecture by the faculty members to disseminate their knowledge with the students of other department to provide exposure on inter-disciplinary areas for possible real-time projects.
  • FISHing – Faculty Idea Sharing
    Implementation of innovative ideas by the faculty members and students.

In addition to the classroom interactions, following are the other methods of learning experiences provided to the students:

  • Project work
  • Short /long term Industrial visits
  • Field work/ Internships
  • Oral presentation
  • Technical Seminars/ symposiums/ workshops
  • Technical paper presentations/ Group discussions
  • Providing access to e-journals and e-books
  • NPTEL/NITTTR courseware
  • MIT Open Course Ware (OCW) / NPTEL are accessible online in digital library (
  • Subject materials are available in digital form in the institution website (
  • Video Lectures are accessible online in you tube (

The impact of such innovative practices is that the faculties are exposed to new modern methods of teaching and better understanding of the knowledge transferred to them within the allotted time. It helps to assess and improve the teaching-learning process that happens from the formative to summative period.

TASKS – Teachers Acclaimed Seminar for Knowledge Sharing:
This event is to provide an opportunity for the faculty members of all departments to share their knowledge with the peer group members. The schedule is prepared in advance for the faculty members to share the knowledge on inter-disciplinary fields and the interested faculty members participate in this programme. A record of the daily activity is maintained in the college with information shared and details of faculty attended. All the faculty members who have presented / shared the information are provided with certificates.

FDLP – Faculty Deeper Learning Programme:
This programme is organized during summer and winter vacations to enable the faculty members to share the domain specific knowledge with interested faculty members through lectures, presentations, live and practical demonstrations. This helps the faculty members to understand the subject concepts in an easy manner.

InDeL- Inter Department Lectures:
This event is to make the faculty members share the acquired inter-disciplinary knowledge with students of various allied departments. The schedule is prepared and given to the faculty members to prepare and present the acquired information to the target audience (students) in consultation with the heads of the departments concerned. A record of the programme is maintained.

FISHing – Faculty Idea Sharing:
Outcome of this  practices enables the faculty members to inspire the students to generate innovative ideas and implement the same in real time projects that provide solutions for the day-to-day problems of the society. It is found that solutions provided by the students with the guidance of faculty members are worth mentioning. It is also witnessed through several accolades in the competitions organized by the renowned industrial organizations like Infosys, Texas Instruments, Microsoft and many academic institutions.